Journey fraud site is operating and back-up

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April 15, 2016
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April 19, 2016

Journey fraud site is operating and back-up

Dublin: A group of tourists from Paris booked and paid for a house in Georgian Dublin for eight days around St Patrick’s Day. However, when they showed up the property owner knew nothing about the arrangement Photograph: David Sleator

The Irish Times reported about the unlawful actions of an organization behind a web site with all the address 360travelonline before this month. com. The website offered fake vacation rentals and across Europe. Would be holidaymakers were requested to pay upfront for houses and flats and then find when they arrived that the property had not been offered to lease or failed to exist.

Several tourists from Paris reserved and paid for eight days around St Patrick’s Day for a house in Georgian Dublin.
International nature When they contacted the gardaí, they verified an investigation was started and it was a scam. Nevertheless, Garda sources said that given the probability of the crimimals to the international nature was little.
After being contacted by this paper, the website was shut down hours. Days after a distinct variant appeared at As using the last website, website offers properties for rent across Europe.

The reader was searching for a vacation rental in Corfu. We ’ll Take You There! 21 Years 10 Years on-line Trading and Expertise in Vacation Rentals! We are able to assist you to find the very best property for the vacation, the website that was ” guaranteed.
Suspicioius. This reader traded several e-mails having a person who identified himself. Nevertheless, she grew suspicious when he was not available to give her exact details regarding the place of the home.
The Garda Síochána is inquiring.

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