Top Five Best IBT Colleges In Malaysia

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August 16, 2021
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Top Five Best IBT Colleges In Malaysia

Malaysia is very lucky to have such a large number of IB schools. It has an abundance of resources and competent teachers. They are trained well and have the necessary expertise to teach in the best possible manner. This is the key to ensuring the quality of education for everyone.

ib schools in Malaysia

The first thing to know is what kind of a school offering the course we want to study in Malaysia. Different schools offer different kinds of courses. We could for example take up associate degree in Business, commerce, hospitality and Tourism, all these have different streams and focus on different aspects. These courses are normally taught in the traditional classroom setting, although there are some online schools that offer distance learning, which makes it convenient. A few of the famous Malaysia IB schools are the following:

JK School of Business and Entrepreneurship – This school offers associate program in International Business and is the first accreditation school in Malaysia. It offers business administration, accounting, finance and other modules as per their outline. You will get help from instructors who have Masters degrees in Business Administration and who work with experienced MBA graduates. The school offering courses in Business and Entrepreneurship has a different emphasis, as it is run and led by seasoned entrepreneurs themselves. For instance, there is an emphasis on team working and it is an institution where you can learn about real life implementation.

Synergy College of Business and Technology – This is another IB school offering. It is the only accredited school in Malaysia offering diploma and degree courses in Information technology. Students here learn basic computer systems and how to use them. Those who wish to apply for jobs in industries here should have a diploma or degree. Synergy College offers bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs as well.

DSS School of Business and Technology – It is a fully online school that is known for its outstanding teaching methods. Here you can study accounting, economics, entrepreneurship and marketing. The school offers many internationally recognized courses. The school also offers internship placements in some of the leading multinational companies in Malaysia.

Zainebind University – It is a non-profit institution that was established in 1986. It is one of the oldest IB schools in Malaysia and offers undergraduate and graduate courses in diverse fields. They also have certificate and diploma programs. You will learn about business ethics and responsibility and team working. Students here get training in leadership, project management and other skills.

Polytechnic Institute of Malaysia – This school is among the first Malaysian institutions to be accredited by UNESCO. You can learn engineering, science, commerce and other skills here. The school offers various courses including computer studies, communications, information technology and management. The school offers distance education and distance learning module as well.

Institute of International Business and MBA School – This is one of the leading business schools in Malaysia that offers both online and campus based degree programs. The school offers an array of global business opportunities and thus has become a very popular choice among the students here. The school is renowned for its excellent business programs and it trains students on international business strategies and tactics. The school offers great job prospects in the IT industry for those who opt for their degree programs.

Peninsula University – This is a very famous and recognized school that is offering various distance learning programs. The school is basically a private university with a campus in Selangor. The school also offers International MBA courses and conducts regular international business events. The school offers many programs in different disciplines like business, law, nursing and others. Students here learn the skills required for high level positions in the corporate world as well as government.

Indian School of Business – This school is globally recognized for its quality and produces brilliant professionals every year. They are well-known for their willingness to work and take up challenging assignments. The school is globally acknowledged and hence students from almost all over the world are interested in enrolling here. This is a major attraction for those who want to pursue a career in marketing or in management.

Peninsula International University – This school is globally recognized for offering great online education and distance learning programs. They have earned recognition in the field of distance learning by becoming a member of the Association of Distance Education and Student Environments (ADES). Apart from their regular degree courses, they also offer certificate programs and distance learning programs. The school also offers online master’s degrees in several disciplines such as psychology, communication, commerce and others.

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